Clinical Lectures (0800H – 1300H, 28th & 29th Aug 2017)

  1. Clinical/Functional Airway Anatomy
  2. General approach to emergency airway management
  3. Safety and Oxygenation
  4. Rapid Sequence Intubation, Airway Pharmacology and Algorithms
  5. Difficult/Challenging Airway (including traumatic & bariatric airway managements)
  6. Awake intubation
  7. Pediatric Airway


Practical Skill Stations (1345H – 1630H, 28th & 29th Aug 2017)

  1. Rapid Sequence Intubation
  2. Direct Laryngoscopy (DL)
  3. Video Laryngoscopy (VL)
  4. Flexible and Rigid Endoscopic Intubation
  5. Rescue Devices/Ventilation
  6. Front of Neck Access (FONA)/ Surgical Airway
  7. Airway Ultrasound
  8. SimMan Simulation of various airway scenarios/Team dynamic Assessment





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