Clinical Airway Skill Training In Emergency Room (castER) was founded

on July 4, 2017. The inaugural programme was conducted in University Malaya

Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The first castER committee team

consists of 10 members who are Attending, Physicians and Post-Graduate Year 1 to

Year 4 residents in Emergency Medicine. Our mission is to provide clinicians with

the current knowledge, understanding and confidence in managing emergency

airway in a triumphant manner. Moreover, updating the core skills, tips and

tricks, that are required when challenging airways are encountered. castER also

serves as a platform and networking hub for nations, organizations and

individuals, among the airway enthusiasts. We sincerely hope this mannequin

airway course will not only benefit the emergency room doctors, but also the

paramedics and staff nurses; as well as those in the fields of Critical Care &

Anesthesiology. Hence to improve emergency and advanced airway management

education, simulation, training, and  for the promotion of better patients’


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