NAAC Malaysia 2021 Pre-Congress Workshops

The Pre-Congress workshops will be conducted on June 25, 2021 (Fri) from 07:30H – 13:00H. There are only 60 spots for The Difficult Airway Hands-On Workshop, and only 40 spots for The Airway Simulation Workshop up for grabs respectively. 

The main objective of the Difficult Airway Hands-On Workshop is skill-and technique-focused advanced airway management. Highlights of the workshop include Awake Tracheal Intubation, emergency Front-of-Neck-Access (eFONA, including in pediatrics), retrograde intubation, bronchoscopy, multimodal airway training (combining advanced airway techniques) and more. More excitingly, the workshop will be facilitated by our world’s leading airway expert Richard Levitan from Airway.Cam. 

Next, it is the first collaboration between castER (Clinical Airway Skill Training In Emergency Room) Malaysia and MaSSH (Malaysian Society For Simulation In Healthcare). This interactive hands-on session uses high fidelity simulations which allow the participants to manage various critical airway scenarios in a structured team-based approach and a non-stressful setting. The emphasis for this workshop is on team dynamics, team communications and team decision making, rather than technical skills. Hence technical trainings in performing airway techniques are not included. 

These two Pre-NAAC 2021 workshops will certainly offer you a fruitful and valuable learning experience. So sign up now and join us!


NAAC Msia 2021 Pre-Congress Difficult Airway Hands-On WorkshopNAAC Msia 2021 Pre-Congress Airway Simulation Workshop

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